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Paul Daley claims Bellator is preventing him from working in 2013 while visa issues lock him out

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Welterweight star Paul Daley is locked out of the U.S. due to visa issues while he's facing criminal charges in England. He is complaining on Facebook that Bellator is preventing him from taking fights in the UK while he's locked out of the U.S.

Richard Wolowicz

We reported last week that Bellator Welterweight Paul Daley had been removed from this season's tournament due to visa issues stemming from criminal charges that prevent him from being admitted into the U.S. Daley denied being involved in a bar brawl but confirmed the visa issues.

Today Daley posted the following on his Facebook page:

Has received a legal document from Bellator this morning, signed by Bellator CEO, Bjorn Rebney and Legal representatives of the promotion.

Despite, Bellator being aware of a legal matter preventing me from obtaining a P-1 visa to compete in the USA, and therefore making it unable for me to fulfill certain terms of my contract, Its seems as though they are attempting to stop me from earning a living while awaiting a decision that is out of my control, and is not expected until Late April 2013.

This situation has been developing daily, since Oct 2012 with back and forth emails between myself, my management and Bellator representatives (including Bjorn, and Talent relations officer Sam Caplan, to name a few)

I would like to offer full disclosure to the MMA MEDIA. Feel free to contact me here, on my facebook.

Bloody Elbow is in contact with both Daley and Bellator officials and will be updating the story as responses come in.