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DREAM 18 - GLORY 4 NYE Results: Semmy Schilt Wins One-Night, 16-Man Heavyweight Tournament

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Semmy Schilt won 4 fights in one night and he won the Glory Grand Slam Tournament at New Year's Eve in Japan

Photo by Dan Herbertson

Sixteen of the best heavyweight kickboxers in the planet entered the GLORY Grandslam Heavyweight Tournament, and after 14 fights, only Daniel Ghita and Semmy Schilt remained. The two decorated heavyweights faced off against each other in the final and in the end, it was Semmy Schilt crowned as the tournament champion, earning him $400,000 in the process.

Midway through the first round, Schilt threw a huge head kick, and although it was partially blocked, it was strong enough to drop Ghita. The referee started the count, but when he saw Ghita was still wobbly, he decided to call the fight off, awarding Schilt the impressive TKO victory.

Schilt defeated four men in one night, toppling Brice Guidon, Rico Verhoeven, and Gokhan Saki before stopping Ghita.

Schilt is already one of the most decorated kickboxers in history, but the 39-year-old fighter added yet another major title to his collection that already includes several K-1 World GP titles.

Ghita, who defeated Jhonata Diniz, Mourad Bouzidi, and Jamal Ben Saddik to reach the finals, received a $100,000 check as the runner up on the tournament.

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