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DREAM 18 - GLORY 4 NYE Results and Gifs: Will Brooks dominates Satoru Kitaoka

Will Brooks dominated Satoru Kitaoka at DREAM 18. Here are the results and Gifs.

Photo by Lili T of

Result: Will Brooks def. Satoru Kitaoka by TKO (punches), R2

In the opening fight of the merged DREAM 18 and GLORY 4 card, Satoru Kitaoka took on American prospect, Will Brooks in a lightweight bout.

During the opening round, Brooks fended off a few takedown attempts from the Japanese fighter, and even secured a powerful suplex in the opening minutes that but the crowd on their feet. Brooks displayed very good top control and submission defense, while being able to land some ground and pound.

On the feet, Brooks didn't look bad either, stringing good combinations while leading with his kicks.

On round two, it was more of the same. A patient Will Brooks landing better strikes, and picking off the Japanese fighter standing, while also defending submissions as Kitaoka kept diving for leg locks. With the rules in DREAM allowing for stomps, it was a technique that was used by Brooks to perfection. As Kitaoka was commiting to a leg lock, Brooks started stomping and kicking with his other leg. He hurt Kitaoka, and started to pound on him afterwards.

Brooks, on paper, was the more inexperienced fighter, but he completely outclassed Kitaoka and looked like a true veteran. He's definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Gifs below courtesy of BE's Zombie Prophet:


Satoru_kitaoka_vs Satoru_kitaoka_vs