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UFC 155 Fight Video: Cain Velasquez dominates Junior dos Santos to reclaim Heavyweight Title

Watch how Cain Velasquez dominated Junior Dos Santos at UFC 155 to reclaim the heavyweight championship.

After losing on their first encounter, Mexican-American fighter Cain Velasquez was able to reclaim the UFC heavyweight championship from Junior Dos Santos on their rematch. ESPN has released highlights of the UFC 155 main event, so you can watch footage of how Velasquez found success and got revenge on the only loss of his MMA career.

A quick highlight video may not be enough to get you up to date, so you can check out more video from the event here, and you can also read part of the play-by-play from the key rounds of the fight:

R1: Cain comes out pressuring with a 1-2 and then ducks under for a body lock takedown. JDS reverses it, like a boss, and almost takes Cain down. Cain is a little predictable on his next two attempts: he's just unsuccessful on the first but almost walks into a jackhammer on the second. JDS plunges a deep jab and sits down on a few hooks to back Cain off. Cain slings out a series of jabs that find the mark but he fails badly on the single.

JDS cracks him with the same right hand that put him away the first time, but Cain takes it in stride. Cain crowds him up on the fence but JDS sneaks out when he releases his grip to dirty box. Cain blisters a right hand through JDS' guard that drops him on his can. History is made. Cain is in top form and swarming JDS in classic fashion with positional advances and rapid-fire punches. 10-8 Velasquez for striking and grappling dominance.

R2: Cain is in full on beast-mode and wastes no time in picking JDS up and dumping him on the canvas. The frenetically paced onslaught continues and JDS almost looks like his will is broken; either that or he's still in La La Land from getting lamped in the 1st. JDS manages to get back up but Cain just takes him for another ride, climbing onto his back and pelting him with leather.

JDS takes a stiff knee when getting back to his feet but goes back down courtesy of a slick inside trip. JDS tries to roll him off and Cain transitions to an armbar that he can't secure. They're back standing and Cain is fully attached, slamming knees and right hands to the body of an almost lifeless dos Santos. 10-8 Velasquez, again.