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UFC 155: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos full fight video highlights

Complete video highlights of Cain Velasquez' triumphant rematch with Junior dos Santos, the man who had taken his title last year. Velasquez dominated JDS for five brutal rounds following a jaw-breaking right hand in the first round that bounced dos Santos off his feet.

Tonight at UFC 155, Cain Velasquez reclaimed his Heavyweight title with a brutal, relentless five round drubbing of Junior dos Santos, the man who took his title last year at the first UFC on Fox TV.

Here's what our own Dallas Winston had to say in his live blog of the fight about the critical first round:

R1: Cain comes out pressuring with a 1-2 and then ducks under for a body lock takedown. JDS reverses it, like a boss, and almost takes Cain down. Cain is a little predictable on his next two attempts: he's just unsuccessful on the first but almost walks into a jackhammer on the second. JDS plunges a deep jab and sits down on a few hooks to back Cain off. Cain slings out a series of jabs that find the mark but he fails badly on the single.

JDS cracks him with the same right hand that put him away the first time, but Cain takes it in stride. Cain crowds him up on the fence but JDS sneaks out when he releases his grip to dirty box. Cain blisters a right hand through JDS' guard that drops him on his can. History is made. Cain is in top form and swarming JDS in classic fashion with positional advances and rapid-fire punches.