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UFC 155 results: Miller/Lauzon, Moraga, and Duffee take home $65K

After 12 UFC 155 fights, 4 men stood out to earn bonuses for their incredible performances


Overall, UFC 155 delivered with a great night of fights to end 2012. The Middleweights that opened up the PPV slowed down the action, but the Facebook prelim fighters and both the main and co-main event delivered in spades. Cain Velasquez had without a doubt the most impressive performance. He came in as the challenger and underdog but dominated Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos over 25 minutes to take back the belt. Despite that great fight, neither Cain or Junior picked up the "of the night" bonuses for the event.

Here's who did:

Fight of the Night: Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon

Knockout of the Night: Todd Duffee

Submission of the Night: John Moraga

Joe Lauzon fought through the leakiest cut I can remember where the fighter wasn't finished. Jim Miller cut him open halfway though the first round and had Lauzon on the ropes after that. Joe battled through it and held on to make it to the closing bell. When many other fighters would have found a way out, Lauzon fought through and mounted offense in both the second and third rounds.

Moraga may have gotten his bonus by default, but that doesn't make the sub less impressive. After two rounds of a close fight, he grabbed that front choke early in the 3rd and made sure Cariaso couldn't escape.

Todd Duffee probably had the most impressive UFC debut on record when he KO'd Tim Hague in 7 seconds. But he was less than impressive in his following fights. Even when he left the organization, he wasn't at his best. But when he got the chance to prove himself against in the premier league of MMA, he delivered with an early KO of Philip De Fries.

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