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UFC 155 results: Nike sponsorship on full display for Junior Dos Santos in UFC 155 loss

In the main event of UFC 155, Junior dos Santos gave up his Heavyweight title in his first ever UFC loss. Throughout his fight against Cain Velasquez his new Nike sponsorship was on full display.

Victor Decolongon

Back in November, then Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos followed in the footsteps of fellow Brazilian Anderson Silva and Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones when he picked up a sponsorship from Nike. The sportswear company first entered the UFC business with a Brazilian sponsorship of Silva, but expanded to international coverage with the success of Jon Jones.

JDS probably embraced his Nike sponsorship more than either of the other champions. He's appeared more than once on national television sporting his personal Nike shirt. On top of that, when he came out to face Cain Velasquez at UFC 155, Nike was the only recognizable sponsor on his shorts. He lost that fight, in a dominant decision that favored Velasquez. Despite JDS losing his title, Nike will still see make good on their investment as he's already more than proven himself as a top UFC Heavyweight.

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