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UFC 155 results: Jim Miller gets unanimous decision over Joe Lauzon in bloody battle

Lightweights Jim Miller cut Joe Lauzon open early in the UFC 155 co-main event. Creepy Joe battled through the bloody, but still gave up the decision

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Lightweights Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller met in the Octagon for the UFC 155 co-main event. Miller got ahead early with some powerful shots. Miller blasted Lauzon from range and in the clinch. He locked on a standing arm triangle as blood leaked from Lauzon's forehead. Yves Lavigne stopped the action to check the cut on Joe. But Miller got right back to work when the fight restarted. Lauzon just struggled to survive the last minute.

Lauzon went for it in the second trying to show he was still in the fight, but gave up a takedown to Miller. His face was a mask of blood less than a minute into the round. Miller advanced position, but Joe held on. With a face pouring blood he reversed Milled and got on top. Ref stopped the fight to cut loose tape from Joe Lauzon's wrap. Amazing display of heart from Joe fighting through that cut and the beating in the first. Miller got rubber guard, Lauzon picked him up for a slam.

Only took seconds for Joe's cut to open back up. Lauzon slipped and ended up on his back. Miller let him up. Back on the feet, Miller landed better, but Joe stayed in the fight. Lauzon hurt Miller with a knee to the body. This was without a doubt the best fight of the event so far. Miller's beard was soaked with Joe's blood. Both men were running on fumes in the last minute. Lauzon dove for a flying heel hook with 25 seconds left. Transition to a guillotine. One of the best fights this year!

Jim Miller got the unanimous decision over Joe Lauzon

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