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UFC 155 results: Constantinos Philippou TKO's a bloody Tim Boetsch

Constantinos Philippou battered and bloodied Tim Boetsch to get the TKO at UFC 155.

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

In the final Middleweight fight of UFC 155, Tim Boetsch faced off against Constantinos Philippou. Boetsch took the center of the Octagon right from the bell and followed up with a clinch. After a struggle he secured the takedown, but Costa got right back up. An uppercut from Boetsch led them right back to the clinch. Costa got out, but was immediately taken down. Referee Kim Winslow stood them up and Philippou landed a good combination. Boetsch gave it right back with a flurry just before the bell sounded.

Boetsch broke his right hand in the first and his corner told him to ignore it heading into the second. A slow first half of the round preceded an eye poke from Costa. Boetsch looked for the takedown when they restarted but ended up on his back. Another failed takedown from Boetsch to open the third round. Boetsch was completely out of it in the final round. Poorly timed shots were easily countered by Costa. Finally Winslow called the fight when Tim could no longer fight back.

Constantinos Philippou TKO'd a bloodied Tim Boetsch at 2:11 of the third round

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