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Dana White defends Cain Velasquez's 'Brown Pride' tattoo

UFC president Dana White defended Cain Velasquez's 'Brown Pride' tattoo days ahead of his UFC 155 bout with Junior dos Santos, saying any controversy over the ink is ridiculous.


Cain Velasquez's "Brown Pride" tattoo is one of the UFC's great non-controversies. It's also one of those things that will be brought up every single time Cain is doing the media rounds ahead of an upcoming fight.

It came up again Thursday with media discussing the upcoming UFC 155 title fight between Velasquez and Junior dos Santos and Dana White didn't hold back when discussing it (quotes via MMA Fighting):

"People that have a problem with the ‘Brown Pride' tattoo are morons..It says ‘Brown Pride.' Big deal; the guy is proud to be Mexican.

...I lived in Boston, every Italian was running around with something Italian on their body...Every guy who was Irish had some Irish tattoo on him, and the list goes on and on. It's ridiculous.

...This kind of stuff pisses me off. I think it's ridiculous."

I'll keep the editorializing to a minimum -- as much as I can anyway -- but will point out a few quick things:

  • No, this tattoo is not comparable to a "white pride" tattoo.
  • Yes, there is a "brown pride" gang.
  • No, that does not mean that Cain is or ever was affiliated with said gang.
  • Yes, you probably are overreacting if the tattoo actually offends you.

I'm sure that won't stop the same old arguments from taking place in the comments, but there it is anyway.

Cain will attempt to regain the UFC heavyweight championship this Saturday night when he faces dos Santos in a rematch of their UFC on Fox bout where Junior knocked out Velasquez to win the belt.

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