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UFC 155: Josh Barnett analyzes Dos Santos vs. Velasquez


Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett has a bout on the last Strikeforce card on January 12th to worry about at the moment, but he still has his eyes on the UFC. UFC 155 is the host of a UFC heavyweight title rematch between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez, and Barnett obviously hopes to get in there with the champ one day. On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Barnett broke down the title bout (transcribed by MMA Mania):

"Here's the deal - Cain doesn't get his takedown game going with his distance on his striking early on, and Junior's dictating pace and distance on stopping the takedown, it's going his way. Bombs away, he's going to take him out. I don't think he's going to one-punch him again cause he's not normally -- he's not normally a one-punch guy as you've seen, but his accuracy is very high and he'll pick Cain apart. If Cain can get his takedown game, his timing on fighting Junior to initiate and score the takedown early on, if he can get it going and be successful with it, he can win that fight."

It's hard to disagree with any of that. It's classic wrestler vs. striker, and it is true that Junior doesn't usually put people out with one shot. So which way will it go? We'll find out Saturday night in Vegas.

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