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UFC 155: Junior dos Santos says Christmas is postponed until he defends his title


On Christmas Day, most fighters are probably relaxing and enjoying some family time. But with a big UFC event taking place in just four days, a few of them are in the midst of preparing for their bouts. One such guy is UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, who puts up his title against Cain Velasquez in the UFC 155 main event. And for him, Christmas is postponed until he defends his belt. He said as much in an interview with UOL’s NaGradedoMMA (via Fighters Only):

"I will spend Christmas focused. I has already happened before and I’ve previously fought on holiday periods. Its no problem. This is the moment to keep the focus and really think of how this fight will go. The preparation has been ongoing very well and I will get well prepared in the day of the fight."

"Honestly I will be traveling in Christmas. I will get there and this is going to be a normal fight week. My Christmas will be afterwards. When I win the bout, I will celebrate the title, Christmas and New Year."

I'm sure that Velasquez will have something to say about that in Vegas on Saturday night.

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