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Zach Makovsky released from Bellator contract following second consecutive loss

Former Bellator Bantamweight champion Zach Makovsky announced via Twitter that he was released from his Bellator contract.

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Zach Makovsky was the first Bellator champion at bantamweight, defeating Ed West in the tournament final at Bellator 32. While he followed up on the tournament win with two more Bellator wins, the tournament structure in the promotion meant that he didn't defend his title until Bellator 65 a year and a half later. That title defense, a submission loss to Eduardo Dantas, was the first time he'd tasted defeat since 2009.

Makovsky would fight again at Bellator 83, losing by split decision in a very solid fight to Anthony Leone.

Surprisingly, it looks like that two fight skid was enough for Bellator to decide to cut Zach from their roster, as the former champ announced on his Twitter:

This is a pretty surprising move. Makovsky is a talented fighter and his fights have been entertaining since his title win back in October of 2010.

It seems particularly strange as the "Spike Era" is about to start for Bellator. You'd think they wouldn't be particularly interested in cutting any legitimate talent from the roster. A 6-2 Bellator record, a title win and now a release after an entertaining fight that he lost by split decision.

I don't get it. But then again I sure as hell don't get doing a big special TV show for King Mo's debut. So maybe I just don't understand the Bellator business plan heading into 2013.

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