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MMA Future Evolution 2: MMA Tete-A-Tete with Dallas Winston and Kid Nate

In this video, Kid Nate and Dallas Winston talk about the cutting edge of MMA grappling including: the importance of ground and pound, elbows from the guard, combat sambo, Olympic judokas, catch wrestling, front chokes and advanced BJJ concepts like the 50/50 guard, rubber guard, and novel submissions like the twister, calf slicers and more.

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I'm back with another installment of the MMA Tête-Á-Tête: Coarsening the Discourse. Bloody Elbow's own preview specialist Dallas Winston joins me for this edition as we discuss the future evolution of MMA grappling.

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We chew over a couple of techniques that Dallas thinks are going to have a bigger and bigger impact on MMA in the short term:

* Improved ground and pound

* Elbows from the guard

Then we segue into a discussion of successful MMA fighters with somewhat untypical (ie non-BJJ, non-wrestling) backgrounds:

* Khabilov and Volkov and combat sambo

* Rousey and Hawn and Olympic judo with a digression on the no-gi throwing innovations of Karo Parisyan

Then we talk about two trends in jiu-jitsu and their potential to impact the sport:

* the 50/50 guard and advanced leg locks

* Eddie Bravo's rubber guard system

From there we get into a discussion of "gimme submissions" and ways wrestlers can improve their submission game:
* Front chokes - d'arce, brabo, the Dave Schulz headlock

* Catch wrestling and neck cranks

Then we wrap it up with a look at some rare submissions that have been getting taps at the highest levels:

* Calf slicers

* Neck/face cranks


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