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UFC's Dana White wants MMA training camps to follow the boxing model

UFC president Dana White called for MMA camps to follow the boxing model and build training camps around individual fighters instead of training multiple fighters at the same time in the same camp.


UFC president spoke to a media luncheon about MMA training camps this week and MMA Fighting got the goods.

"Georges St-Pierre told me a story where, he showed up to camp one time," said White. "They were going to have him spar with Shane Carwin. Georges said, ‘Why the f--- would I spar with Shane Carwin? How does that help me?What does that do for me, for my career?' When you hear stupid s--- like that its like, no wonder why guys are getting hurt left and right.

"Back 10 years ago, Chuck Liddell was at his camp, he was the top dog, Tito [Ortiz] was down at his camp, [Randy] Couture at his. [Matt] Hughes had probably the most guys, you look at [Pat] Miletich's crew, they had the most killers, the top gym. Nowadays these gyms are packed. Look how boxing does it. If Floyd Mayweather is training for a fight, they build a camp around Floyd. Guys come in and you have sparring partners and all this stuff. [In MMA] they have 10 guys where they're all training for a fight. It's so hard, its different now. They need to start building these camps around one guy.

"We had a situation, and I'm not singling out Greg Jackson here, I can't remember if it was Rashad [Evans] who rolled over onto Diego Sanchez's knee, or the other way. They were training right next to each other. There needs to be a more professional approach to training camps than there is right now."

Whether White is correct or not and the current approach of MMA fighters pooling their resources is the problem that's causing so many training camp injuries is impossible to determine. However, it should be noted that most UFC fighters cannot financially afford to build a camp around themselves like Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

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