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Mata Leone's sexy new kimono ad

Mata Leone has fantastic kimonos, and this ad goes to show they have a great marketing team, too.

Mata Leone has been making quality kimonos for BJJ practitioners across Europe, and recently, their latest ad came to my attention. The provocative image of a woman showering, as two burglars rifle through her things makes one wonder, 'How in the world is this going to play out?' Then you remember, it's an ad for a kimono used by athletes in a submission sport, and you have a pretty good idea of the fates of the criminals.

The king of kimonos, as they are referred to, has a fairly simple mission statement, as shown on their website:

Our goal is to supply for the BJJ practitioners & lovers around Europe. Our designs are simple, but classy and clear. On the mat we don't need to look flashy. It's the place to sweat, bleed and give all your heart and breath! Just like the lion gave out her last breath at Hercules' arms. That's where the name "Mata Leon Kimonos" comes from.

Hopefully, you guys will enjoy their new ad as much as I did. Crime never pays!

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