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Michael Bisping on potential Anderson Silva fight: 'I certainly ain't going to fall down like some of these bums'

UFC star Michael Bisping discusses a potential title shot with Anderson Silva, saying he hasn't yet been guaranteed a shot if he beats Vitor Belfort. Bisping also offers insight into how he could beat the middleweight champ.

Michael Bisping has long chased a UFC middleweight title fight with Anderson Silva. It's a fight that many fans dismiss, not giving Bisping much of a chance. But he has put in the work to put himself in position as a legitimate challenger.

Bisping was on Inside MMA last night to talk about a potential title shot, starting with if he has heard anything guaranteeing a title shot should he defeat Vitor Belfort in January:

I haven't personally heard anything from Dana or the UFC, I heard him at the weekend say I'd probably get a shot at Belfort...sorry at Silva if I beat Belfort. I honestly believe I would deserve it, in my mind Vitor Belfort is the hardest fight in the middleweight division outside of Anderson Silva. My last fight was against Brian Stann, before that it was a controversial loss against Chael Sonnen, before that I hadn't lost a fight since 2009. know, if I beat Vitor I definitely deserve a shot, I'm definitely the number one contender.

Bisping was also asked how he could beat Silva, a question many fans would like to hear the answer to as well:

Well, this is it, you know. I mean, Anderson is rightly so regarded as pound-for-pound best. What can I do? Listen, I've never got in with him, I don't know. I believe in myself, I believe in my skills, I believe in my training, I believe in my ferocity as a fighter, I'll get in there and I'll fight him, I certainly ain't going to fall down like some of these bums have done lately.