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12 of 16 TUF contestants released from the UFC

In an unprecedented move, the UFC cuts 12 of the 16 TUF 16 contestants from it's roster

The Ultimate Fighter, during it's seven years and 16 seasons, has long been a haven of sorts for new and established talent to find a home on the biggest stage of all, the UFC. It has given some fighters the chance to become stars in a landscape where they might not have gotten the opportunity. Now, in an unprecedented, although possibly not unwarranted move, the UFC has cut 12 of the 16 contestants from season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter.

In a recent post from website MMA Junkie, the news of the mass release was detailed.

Twelve of the show's 16 cast members, including (Sam) Alvey, were cut from the organization following its regular-season run on FX.

I recently interviewed one of this season's coaches, Roy Nelson, who had no issues with all the guys not getting an opportunity to fight on the finale, as past seasons have done. He felt that TUF is all about being a contest at the highest level, and if guys are losing. they shouldn't be allowed the perks that the winner's circle is receiving. Here's his direct quote on the topic:

I think what they're trying to do is keep the level of what the UFC is a little higher. If you go into The Ultimate Fighter, and you're just gonna go in there to get just one fight and win ... the premise is to win the whole thing. When I went in, I wanted to win the thing or be cut. You're either going to set out for your goal, or you're not.

Clearly the UFC has limited roster room, especially with the former Strikeforce roster looking for a new home. It shouldn't be surprising that most of the Ultimate Fighter 16 roster didn't make the cut.