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Ultimate Fighter veteran Ray Elbe discusses his penile breakage

Ray Elbe, a former cast member and competitor on the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter reality show, details his grotesque penile break in this video.

Here's an excerpt from Steph Daniels' previous post on the accident:

Twelve days ago, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ray Elbe sat in an emergency room with his penis broken. You may ask yourself, 'How does someone break their penis?' For Elbe, it involved his girlfriend becoming a little too enthusiastic during sex. In a thread started by Magical Ray on the OG forum (this is the part of that is like Mos Eisley cantina. It's the forum your mom warned you about, and your dad hangs out at when she's not looking), he revisits the horrific incident, and his time spent in the hospital, in very vivid detail. He was also kind enough to include photos, and no, they aren't of his damaged member. They do, however, paint a gruesome image, and give a cautionary warning to men around the globe: Be careful during sex.

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