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TUF 16 Finale results: Pat Barry knocked out Shane del Rosario in the second round

Pat Barry survived the first round against Del Rosario to score the big KO in the second.

Photo via Tracy Lee of Combat Lifestyle

Both Pat Barry and Shane Del Rosario trying to get back on the right foot in the UFC Heavyweight division. Barry came in the TUF 16 Finale with a paltry 1-3 record in his last 4 fights. He'd been a mainstay in the mid-low tier of the division since UFC 92, but another loss threatened his future with the UFC. Del Rosario made his UFC debut as an undefeated prospect, but gave up a TKO to another undefeated heavyweight in Stipe Miocic at UFC 146.

They started the fight by trading kicks from the outside before Del Rosario tied up and pushed Barry against the cage. Barry defended Shane's takedowns well, but Del Rosario still landed solid strikes in the clinch. The separate and Barry landed good shots at range. Didn't take long for Del Rosario to secure the takedown and immediate grab back mount. Barry escaped the rear naked choke, attacked for an armbar, and transitioned from a gogoplata attempt to back control.

Barry landed a huge left hook 20 seconds into round 2 that had Del Rosario out on his feet. Barry followed with a series of hooks that put Shane out cold. Pat Barry knocked out Shane Del Rosario at 0:26 of the second round.