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UFC On FX 6 results: Donovan, Wilkinson, and Alloway pick up wins

Donovan impresses with first round KO, Wilkinson eeked out a close decision victory, and Alloway got a TKO late in the first round.

Tonight, UFC On FX 6 kicked off on FUEL TV. The event marked the end of the UFC's second international season of The Ultimate Fighter in TUF: The Smashes.The first three fights of the night featured talent from the show.

Manuel Rodriguez vs. Ben Alloway - Rodriguez showed exactly what he wanted to do throughout the first round. He secured two takedowns in the first round and controlled Alloway in dominant position for the first 4 minutes. Rodriguez takes a low kick and referee Steve Perceval tried to stop the action not having seen it. He cleared it up and gave Manny time to recover. When the action restarted Alloway blasted Rodriguez with a head kick and got the finish with ground and pound. Ben Allow got the TKO over Manuel Rodriguez with 3 seconds left in the first round.

Brendan Loughnane vs. Mike Wilkinson - Loughnane started out the fight with a leg kick heavy striking game. After a couple minutes, Wilkinson took control with a takedown that put Loughnane's head against the cage. Not much action on the ground before they return to the feet where Loughnane lands solid kicks and strikes to end the round. Wilkinson came out swinging and landed a few good shots on Brendan. Loughnane tried hard to land hard counters as Wilkinson came forward, but both landed about equally. Wilkinson took an accidental eye poke early in the third. Third looked much like the second - Wilkinson plodding forward but didn't have the footwork to cut off Loughnane. Loughnane landed a big punch late in the round that dropped Wilkinson. Both end the fight swinging for the fences. Mike Wilkinson picked up a unanimous decision (29-28 x 3) over Brendan Loughnane.

Nick Penner vs. Cody Donovan - Penner dropped Donovan early in the first round and tried to follow up, but found himself defending submissions quickly. Donovan got dropped again shortly after they returned to the feet. After spending some time on the ground, they return to their feet and this time it was Donovan's turn to show his stand up. He sent a big left hook over Penner's pawing lead hand to pick up the win. Cody Donovan TKO's Nick Penner at 4:35 of the first round.