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Why Scott Jorgensen looked different at UFC on Fox 5


UFC bantamweight Scott Jorgensen is well known for his prowess in the octagon, but his skin tone also makes him pretty recognizable. Jorgensen has spoken for years about his vitiligo, a condition which causes the skin to lose its pigment. But at UFC on Fox 5, Jorgensen didn't have any of the telltale spots that he had before. His skin was completely pale.

It was assumed by many (including myself) that he had gone through some sort of treatment for it. But he told Ben Fowlkes of MMA Junkie that it was actually the exact opposite - he let the vitiligo "run rampant", and it actually made his tattoos look brighter as well:

"Literally I have no pigment in my skin, so it's like coloring on a white piece of paper."

Jorgensen ended up submitting John Albert with about a googleth of a second left in the first round, and took home two performance bonuses totaling $130,000 for his efforts at UFC on Fox 5, so it turned out to be a pretty good night for him.