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Jon Jones not 'afraid' of Anderson Silva, but won't talk super fight unless 'challenged'

UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones says he's not worried about a super fight with Anderson Silva unless someone comes along and challenges him.

Scott Cunningham

The UFC brass is more determined than ever to book the biggest fights possible but their champions Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre have proven to be more elusive than expected.

Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones talked to the press about a potential super fight with Middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Here's what Jones told MMA Fighting:

"I think superfights are important for the sport. They're important for legacies. A desire to compete in one, I really don't have this big desire to compete against anyone in particular. Right now I have a good recipe of success, and they say if it's not broke, don't fix it. So unless someone comes and challenges me, or what not, I'm fine going on about my merry way and competing against these light heavyweights."

And MMA Weekly got this nugget:

"Everything's a possibility. I do believe that we're put on this earth to think big and dream big, and not limiting ourselves, and fighting Anderson would be a definitely testament of my faith, and my warrior spirit.

"I'm totally not afraid of Anderson. Not afraid of any man."

Here's what Dana White added per MMA Fighting:

"Anderson Silva is a guy that likes to challenge himself. And I think he likes to f--k with you guys, to be honest with you. I'll read something and I'll be like, 'What the f--k? He said that?' I think he just plays with you guys because the conversations we have behind the scenes are completely different then what is said publicly. And when has Anderson Silva never stepped up to the plate and done what we've asked him or needed him to do?

"He'll fight anybody. He'll fight anybody, and he knows he'll win if he does. That's how he talks behind closed doors."

Think Dana will be able to book one of his dream fights? Two? None?

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