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Johny Hendricks is 'pissed' at Georges St. Pierre for asking to fight Nick Diaz

Still upset about Dana's announcement of the next 170 lb. contender, Johny Hendricks reserves his ire for GSP.

After he pulled out a decision win over Carlos Condit at UFC 154 the big question for UFC champion Georges St. Pierre became who he'd fight next. Would he challenge Middleweight champ Anderson Silva in a super fight or stay in his own division to defend his Welterweight title against Johny Hendricks who'd taken out his third consecutive top 10 opponent that same night? Hype for the super fight dwindled as GSP's camp seemed increasingly hesitant about the super fight and things looked good for Hendricks.

Then last week UFC president Dana White threw a wrench in Hendricks' plan saying that St. Pierre was asking for the currently suspended Nick Diaz instead. Since Dana's announcement, Hendricks has been very vocal on Twitter about the UFC's decision. Monday on The MMA Hour he let everyone know that he's not mad at Dana or Diaz, but rather the champ GSP for requesting the fight at all (via MMA Mania):

I was worried about (Anderson) Silva, GSP fighting Silva. I didn't know I had to worry about someone in my own weight class. I was pissed GSP wanted this, you know what I mean? Who cares what they say about you, who cares what they say about anything and fight the number one contender. I did everything I could to put myself into that kind of position, and then just to get it revoked from me because GSP wants something else. I'm actually fighting to get my title shot while he's (Diaz) on suspension, then all of a sudden GSP throws his name in front of mine. I'm actually more mad at GSP. I'm not mad at anybody else but GSP for calling somebody else out. I think he is trying to stay away from me. What other reason is there, you know what I'm saying? I tried to analyze it and he says it because he (Diaz) talked trash. Who cares? That's the point of our sport and people do talk trash and its all fun and games, who cares what someone says over the internet or what they say to your face. You fight to prove you are worthy. I feel like I have proved that I can go with GSP and I should go with GSP and here he is keeping me out of that.

Many have supported White's decision to make Diaz the next challenger citing the controversial nature of his decision loss to Condit and writing off his suspension for testing positive for marijuana metabolites as inconsequential. Others have countered that making a contender of a fighter coming off loss harms the purity of the sport.

Although the fight isn't officially scheduled, it seems likely that Diaz will fight St. Pierre next. But where does the blame lie? Is on GSP for asking to face the Stocktonite or on Dana White and the UFC for acquiescing to his request?

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