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Judo Chop Suey: Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz's Judo Chops

In anticipation of the UFC on Fox 5 clash between Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz, a short package of Judo Chops done on Benson and on both Diaz brothers has been put together for you readers to enjoy.


UFC on Fox 5 has a stupendously good main event with Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz tussling for the lightweight championship. We probably cannot get excited enough for this match and in anticipation of that clash of MMA's premier whirling dervish and the co-creator of the Stockton Slap, a short package of Judo Chops done on Benson Henderson and on Nate Diaz has been put together for you readers.

First, the two part Judo Chop on Benson's Houdini escapes from submissions:

Benson Henderson and the Miracle of Survival Part One

Benson Henderson and the Miracle of Survival Part Two

Then the strategic overview of the ground game that Nate Diaz (and Jim Miller) most often use:

Grappling Tendencies of Nate Diaz and Jim Miller

Don't forget to look at the combination of multiple BE authors and analysts looking over the Diaz brother style:

The Unconventional Boxing of the Diaz Brothers

Finally, a historical piece by John Nash on how the method the Diaz brothers employ to break their opponents with oddly timed and angled standing strikes has been seen before - two hundred years ago:

The Pugilist: Nick Diaz, Daniel Mendoza and the Sweet Science of Bruising

That take care of most of the official posts. However, I strongly recommend that readers seek out people like gzl5000 and ask them to polish off their old versions of Benson or Nate technique breakdowns. There is some truly magnificent reader-generated content out there on these two exciting warriors and I hope we get to see it and a fight for the ages on December 8, 2012.

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