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Dave Herman gets 6 month suspension and rehab after failing UFC 153 drug test

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As we told you last week, both Dave Herman and Stephan Bonnar failed post-fight drug tests following their losing performances at UFC 153. The now retired Bonnar received a 12 month suspension for testing positive for the steroid Drostanolone. The UFC took a different approach for the punishment of the Heavyweight.

Yesterday, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Mark Ratner announced Herman's suspension to MMA Weekly. In addition to a 6 month suspension, Herman will be required to complete an approved rehabilitation program. This marks the second time "Pee Wee" has failed a drug test for marijuana metabolites. In October 2011, he popped in a pre-fight drug test that led to him being pulled from his fight with Mike Russow at UFC 136.

There's been a lot of speculation that this would be the straw the breaks the camel's for the UFC concerning Herman.That doesn't seem to be the case though. Assuming he completes the rehab program the heavyweight will be eligible to fight for the UFC again, providing he can pass a drug test when the suspension is over.

The armbar loss to Minotauro Nogueira was Herman's third consecutive loss in the UFC. His only win in the organization was a second round TKO of John Olav Einemo at UFC 131. Both his and Stephan Bonnar's punishments were submitted to the Association of Boxing Commissions by the UFC, who acted as the regulator body for the Brazilian event.