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Before his Bellator return, War Machine reflects on his time in jail

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UFC veteran and Bellator Welterweight War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver talked to Ariel Helwani about his most recent stint of incarceration on the MMA Hour.

Bellator Welterweight and UFC veteran Jon Koppenhaver the man who had his name legally changed to War Machine, just completed a year in a Nevada jail, his second year-long term in three years. He had pled guilty to assault in an incident that occurred before his first jail term and had a plea deal with the local DA which agreed to no jail time. Unfortunately for Koppenhaver the judge wasn't bound to the prosecutor's agreement and she didn't like Koppenhaver's looks.

"I signed [the plea deal]. I went in front of the judge," Koppenhaver told Ariel Helwani Wednesday on The MMA Hour. "She just looked at me. She was like, 'Look at you! You look like you're going to pop! I think you're on steroids! She started going after me. She goes, 'You know what? I'm not going to honor this plea agreement. You need to go to jail!' I was shocked. I didn't even think it was possible. I thought there was no chance of that happening. It hurt a lot. I think it was irresponsible on her part because I just did a year. I changed my ways. I don't know what she was doing. She's crazy."

"It was devastating. I just did the year. Got out; I was out for seven months, I was doing very well. I beat [Roger] Huerta. I had the Bellator tournament coming up. My probation officer, I had no problems with him. I was just living my life.

"I had a lot of bad things happen while I was in jail," he told Helwani. "My wife got deported to Hungary while I was in there; I couldn't say bye. My grandma died. My grandma lived 10 minutes away, I couldn't say bye. So I had a lot of crappy things going on. It was depressing. I never came to terms with the fact that I was back in jail. That's hard to believe maybe, but it doesn't feel real in there. You don't even realize how much time really passed until you get out and realize, 'Man, I was really in there for a year. All these things really did happen. My grandma's really dead. I'm really alone again.' I don't know. It's a trip man. It's really like a time warp."

Koppenhaver will return to Bellator in January of next year.