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Stephan Bonnar suspended for one year, Herman to receive less

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Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Even though he's retired, the UFC still needed to come up with some sort of punishment for Stephan Bonnar after testing positive for steroids. And according to MMA Fighting, they have - a one year suspension:

According to Marc Ratner, the UFC's VP of regulatory affairs, Bonnar will be suspended until Oct. 13, 2013, after he tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following his UFC 153 loss to Anderson Silva last month.

Meanwhile, they haven't come up with a term of suspension for Dave Herman yet, who tested positive for marijuana. Despite this being his second offense (same with Bonnar), Ratner said he won't get the same one year that Bonnar got and it will be more like months:

"We feel very strongly that there's a big difference between PED's [performance-enhancing drugs] and marijuana," Ratner said. "We think the commissions do a good job with PEDs, but we think with marijuana there should be some form of rehab involved, going through that kind of process and learning about it.

"Other sports have a difference between PEDs and recreational drugs."

I guess Nick Diaz got a year because it was his second offense under the same commission, while Herman has moved it around a bit? Either way, while I agree with Ratner's statement about PED's and weed, it does seem a tad inconsistent.