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Rampage Jackson: 'Leaving the UFC would make me happy'

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson thinks the UFC has done great things for the sport, but there's nothing they can do to make him happy at this point.

The UFC's relationship with Quinton Jackson has been strained for some time now. Rampage is continuing to say that the only thing that will make him happy at this point is being released from the promotion's grasp.

From the video at Middle Easy:

I feel like everything happens for a reason. Yes, I'm not happy with the UFC...and a LOT of fighters aren't happy with the UFC. I'm just the one that keeps it real and talks about it.

When asked what would make him happy at this point:

Leaving the UFC would make me happy. I don't think there's anything they can do to fix it. I don't think they're even willing to fix it. I'm not upset with them. The UFC is a great organization, they've done a lot of great, positive things for the sport. It's mainstream now. I can't walk anywhere without people wanting a picture or attention or talking or anything. That's good, that's what people like. I just feel like...honestly, I just wish I could be compensated a little bit more for the privacy that I gave up. People don't understand that. I traded my privacy and my kids' privacy for...the living that I'm making now which is...Football players and basketball players these days, they're making MILLIONS!