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Bellator 82 results and live video stream

Live results and a video stream for Bellator 82. The show has a main event of Lyman Good vs. Andrey Koreshkov.

You can follow live results for tonight's Bellator 82 event right here at Bloody Elbow while also watching Bellator 82 right here in your browser. The show features a welterweight tournament final bout between Lyman Good and Andrey Koreshkov.

Here is the full fight card along with the official weights via


Welterweight Tournament Finals: Lyman Good (170) vs. Andrey Koreshkov (171)

Catchweight Feature Fight(160 lbs.): David Rickels (159.8) vs. Jason Fischer (159.4)

Middleweight Feature Fight: Doug Marshall (185.4) vs. Kala Hose (185.6)

Lightweight Feature Fight: Tony Hervey (154.4) vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy (155.8)


Featherweight Feature Fight: Mario Navarro (140) vs. Anthony Bain(141.2)

Bantamweight Feature Fight: Chad Coon (135.6) vs. Shawn Bunch (136)

Middleweight Feature Fight: Brendan Seguin (185.2) vs. Giva Santana (185.8)

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Terry Davinney (205) vs. Matt Van Buren (205.8)

Catchweight(162 lbs.) Feature Fight: John Schulz (159) vs. Hector Garcia (162.2)

Featherweight Feature Fight: Jeremy Czarnecki (145.4) vs. Justin Houghton (145.2)

The prelims get underway at 7 p.m. ET so make sure you check back in to follow along.


Lyman Good vs. Andrey Koreshkov

R1: Good bull rushes with punches but Koreshkov is feisty and stays afoot. Sharp low kick from Koreshkov then a leaping knee. Searing uppercut from Koreshkov; Good counters with stiff 1-2's. Another knee from Koreshkov, then a left elbow over the top when Good clinches up. Body kick lands for Koreshkov. Good goes down but my vision was obstructed by the fence post and I couldn't tell if it was from a strike or not. Regardless, Good's back up and they square off in the center.

Glancing leg kick from Good; Koreshkov sneaks in a long left. Spinning hook kick from Koreshkov is mostly blocked. Good is strangely complacent and might have been hurt by an earlier strike. Koreshkov hoists off another body kick and tries another leaping knee and Good almost catches it for a takedown. 10-9 Koreshkov for the more effective striking.
R2: Good having trouble solving Koreshkov's range attacks and the Russian loads up on more uppercuts. Good charges him and muscles him to the canvas, then jumps on his back and puts both hooks in. Somehow Good loses a hook and it allows Koreshkov to ... almost escape -- Good stays glued to him and is on his back with both hooks in again. Nice escape from Koreshkov and they reset in the center. Koreshkov catches a kick and takes Good down momentarily, but Good just isn't fighting like himself here ... maybe a broken right hand? I'll still give him that round for back control. 10-9 Good.

R3: Koreshkov bobs under a punch and cracks a left hook. Good lands a right low kick but becomes immersed in a Koreshkov flurry immediately after. Strong left hook by Koreshkov again. Good has his head snapped back by another left and is curiously standing right in Koreshkov's wheelhouse. Light left and right land for Good. Good jams Koreshkov spinning kick and takes him down but not for long. Now Koreshkov powers Good into the fence and hits a power double.

Good closes his guard and gets strong head and posture control to freeze Koreshkov. Good is in position to wall walk but either can't or just doesn't and ends the round eating punches on his back. Uncharacteristic showing from the normally beast-like Good. 10-9 Koreshkov for a 29-28 score overall on my card.

All 3 judges have it 29-28 for Andrey Koreshkov, who defeats Lyman Good by unanimous decision.

Jason Fischer vs. David Rickels

R1: Fischer prods with kicks; Rickels answers and they clinch to no advantage. Rickels watches a beefy right sail by his nose and should consider putting his hands up. Fischer shoots but Rickels gets underhooks to defend and pings a few downward elbows to the temple. Fischer goes from the Thai plum to the low level drop but Rickels defends. Fischer connects on a knee in the clinch that knocks Rickels gum-shield out; Herzog steps in and replaces it.

Fischer lands an outside trip to the crowd's approval. Rickels stays patient and works his way back up. Front snap kick followed by a meaty lead uppercut from Fischer. Stiff 1-2-3 from Rickels. Fischer again seeks an outside trip but Rickels bounces off the cage and ends up on top. Fischer swivels for a nice armbar but Rickels peels his arm out and closes the frame with short elbows. 10-9 Fischer for the more effective grappling; Rickels striking might have evened it but I don't think so.

R2: Fischer clips Rickels with a spinning back fist. Rickels is throwing straight power punches and cracks a tight elbow with Fischer against the cage. Rickels jumps on Fischer's back and ends up in full mount. Somehow Fischer uses a leg to escape and tries to fall back for the Achilles lock but Rickels slips out. Fischer is tenacious and has Rickels' back in the rear waist cinch. Rickels peels an arm off and spins out, ending the round throwing leather. Could be 10-10 but I'll go 10-9 Rickels in a close one.

R3: Rickels goes cross-face in the clinch and powers Fischer against the cage. He slips around to the rear waist lock again and Fischer tries the Sakuraba kimura counter. Rickels pulls him down. Armbar attempt by Rickels but Fischer wisely just stands on his head to break the grip. Rickels working a triangle from the bottom and slamming home elbows at the same time. Rickels showing good activity and controlling the fight from his guard. Fischer might be out of gas here. Rickels almost hits a sweep at the bell. I'm gonna go 10-9 Rickels for threatening with more effective offense from his back, giving him a 29-28 score in a very close fight.

The judges have it 30-27 and 29-28 x2 for David Rickels, who defeats Jason Fischer by unanimous decision.

Doug "Rhino" Marshall vs. Kala Hose

R1: The round ignites with an indiscernible whir of bald heads, tattoos and flying fists. The smoke clears and Hose plunges a step-in knee to the body but gets shellacked with a leviathan left hook by Marshall. The referee mans up and jumps in between the two even though Marshall's winding up the finishing thunder shot. Pure violence on all fronts.

Doug Marshall defeats Kala Hose by KO (left hook), Round 1.

Tony Hervey vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

R1: Hervey hurls out a left hook and attacks fiercely to start the frame. Sarnavskiy locks up a clinch and drags him down with a body lock. Hervey tries to stand but Sarnavskiy locks his hands around his torso and heaves him back to the canvas. Sarnavskiy smoothly seeks out a mounted triangle and then switches to a straight armbar. It looks deep and tight but Hervey defends like a boss; he rolls into the lock to relieve pressure and swats right hands with his left still trapped.

They get back to their feet in a neutral scramble and Sarnavskiy puts him back down again. Hervey pivots for a leg lock but the Russian escapes. Sarnavskiy gets some riding time in the stanza's last minute, posturing up and evading the occasional up-kick. 10-9 Sarnavskiy for the more effective grappling and near submission.

R2: Sarnavskiy scores a defensive takedown as Hervey blitzes him with a front kick and punches. Full mount for the Russian. Hervey stays slippery and gets back to his feet. (Sorry, some technical difficulties here.) Sarnavskiy perfectly times his level drop during Hervey's right hook and takes him back to the floor. Now Sarnavskiy has Hervey's head on the fence to limit his movement but Hervey controls his posture well. Spiking elbows from Hervey in the open guard. Hervey goes half-butterfly but can't hit the sweep. 10-10 for no advantage either way.

R3: Sarnavskiy cracks a left body kick home and then again ducks under Hervey's punch for an easy takedown. Not a lot of memorable offense transpires: Hervey fights for overhooks and a closed guard with posture control while Sarnavskiy tries to free himself and strike. Hervey squirts free but Sarnavskiy slips around to the rear waist lock and takes him for a big ride with the belly-to-back suplex.

Hervey is admirably resilient and nearly hits a sweep and takes the Russian's back, but ends up with the position reversed and Sarnavskiy on his back with a body triangle. Sarnavskiy gets the mount momentarily but Hervey regains half-guard and tries to shrimp out. Sarnavskiy takes his back again with one hook in; now both. Hervey fights tooth and nail and has his moments but Sarnavskiy nullifies his escape attempts. 10-9 Sarnavskiy, giving him a 30-28 on my card.
The judges have it 30-27 for Alexander Sarnavskiy, who defeats Tony Hervey by unanimous decision.

Hector Garcia vs. John Schulz

R1: Trevor Wittman shows up to corner Garcia. Garcia comes out banging and has Schulz "on the ropes" early. Schulz stems the tide with a clinch and they go 50/50. Schulz circles off the fence and slams a right hand, then a knee to the body, then scoops Garcia up with a hefty double leg. Schulz is right into side control; then takes Garcia's back when he tries to spin out. Fearing the choke, Garcia rolls onto his back and digests some cleaving elbows.

Strong posture from Schulz, who throws more elbows. Steady punishment from Schulz in the mount, who switches between locking wrist control for a possible Americana to thwacking big punches. Schulz gets the arm triangle and hops to side mount but Garcia does well in "answering the phone" to defend. Schulz hammers down another medley of heavy punches to close out a dominant round. 10-8 Schulz.

R2: Schulz comes out throwing heaters; a body kick, a left and then nails a strong takedown. Schulz is quick to assume side control again and the punishment resumes. Short forearm from Schulz. Schulz passes to full mount at the 3:00 minute mark. Schulz again takes Garcia's back when he tries to escape and threatens with the mata leao. Repeating the 1st round, Garcia spins onto his back to avoid the choke but swallows a steady diet of leather. Schulz has the anaconda but settles for a guillotine attempt just as the bell sounds. Barely a shred of offense from Garcia; literally. 10-8 Schulz.

R3: Stiff jab from Schulz. Garcia standing flat-footed in his wheelhouse. And with his hands down. Schulz springs for a power double and it's deja vu with the full mount, this time at the 4:00 minute mark. Garcia taking a rugged beating and referee Jason Herzog wisely intervenes to wave it off.

John Schulz defeats Hector Garcia by TKO (mounted punches), Round 3.

Jeremy Czarnecki vs. Justin Houghton

R1: Czarnecki comes out aggressive with punches and a low kick, but doesn't get deep enough to secure the double leg. Houghton awaits an opening as the crowd roars his name; he swings a stiff low kick that connects. High kick from
Czarnecki just misses but Houghton nearly spins him around with another nasty low kick. Then a third. Tight left hook lands for Houghton, who stuffs another takedown. Czarnecki ballsy enough to wheel out a few spinning back kicks but nothing's doing.

Houghton doubles up on his hooks while retreating and Czarnecki falls down after another series of wild kicks. Houghton definitely stalking and landing the crisper strikes but his volume could improve. 10-9 Houghton for effective striking.

R2: Charging 1-2 from Czarnecki to set up his takedown but Houghton is brushing them off casually. Lead right hand lands for Houghton. Czarnecki closes his combo with a kick that lands partially, but gets dotted up by a retreating Houghton again. Front kick from
Czarnecki followed by a spinning kick; there's not much on them but Houghton is suffering from his complacency. Houghton lands another short hook. Body kick from Czarnecki. This time Czarnecki connects better on his charging flurry, which prevents Houghton from any precise countering. Double jab from Houghton. Czarnecki connects moderately on a spinning kick to the stomach and then finishes the round strong with an aggressive flurry. 10-9 Czarnecki.

R3: Spinning back kick again from Czarnecki, who's actually using it as an effective distance weapon. Left hand, then a right connect for Czarnecki. Houghton is just not busy enough despite having demonstrated the cleaner technique.
Czarnecki with a low kick and an overhand right that lands flush. Houghton greets the charging Czarnecki with a huge knee to the body but eats a few errant shots from Czarnecki. OMG Tornado kick from Czarnecki but far from Shogun-like. 10-9 Czarnecki though mostly due to a lack of output from Houghton; could've been a 10-10. I have it 29-28 for Czarnecki.

All 3 judges have it the same -- 29-28 -- for Jeremy Czarnecki, who defeats Justin Houghton by unanimous decision.

Terry Davinney vs. Matt Van Buren

R1: Van Buren whiffs on a low kick and almost falls over. Davinney calmly stalks forward and plants a monster left hand on his chin to notch a devastating 1st round knockout.

Terry Davinney defeats Matt Van Buren by KO (punch), Round 1.

This is Dallas Winston live in the building at Bellator 82, walking in and getting set up just as the 1st round kicks off.

Giva Santana vs. Brendan Seguin

R1: Santana hits an early takedown and wastes no time getting to full mount. The bulk of the round plays out with Seguin patiently biding his time and defending until he can escape. Santana chaining his sub attempts together but Seguin is showing an excellent combination of both technical defense and gritty toughness. Seguin ends the frame throwing leather on his feet but it's not enough to overcome Santana's prior dominance. 10-9 Santana.

R2: Seguin clinches Santana on the fence with some short uppercuts. Nice short horizontal elbow from Santana. Left hook-right straight combo from Seguin followed by 3 more rights as Santana tries to circle out. Santana slips under for a takedown and quickly knifes to full mount. Seguin tries to reverse with an underhook but Santana traps the arm and rolls for an armbar. It's too loose and Seguin postures up and out but Santana transitions immediately to a kneebar. Seguin fights it off for a moment but rolls the wrong way when trying to escape and is forced to tap.

Giva Santana defeats Brendan Seguin by submission (kneebar), Round 2.