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UFC Ultimate Fighter results: Manley wins, Nelson struggles, plus freak outs and biting

Results from week 8 of UFC's The Ultimate Fighter see Jon Manley get the win for Team Nelson, while Shane Carwin dominates the coaches' challenge and Julian Lane freaks out.

Results: Team Nelson #5 Jon Manley def. Team Carwin #5 James Chaney
Submission via guillotine choke, round 1
Team Nelson takes the lead 4-3

Week 8 of The Ultimate Fighter is in the books, and we are now one fight closer to the finals. Things looked promising during the episode, as James Chaney started to emerge as an interesting, unique personality. Add in a nice finish in his fight to get into the house and suddenly I found myself excited to see how far Chaney would go.

Alas, it was not to be, as he started the fight off well with a solid triangle attempt, but then Manley caught him with a guillotine and it was over.

Well, not entirely over. Post-fight it turns out Chaney actually bit Manley while in the choke in an attempt to get free. Manley tries to give him the benefit of the doubt, but no, Chaney admits it - he bit him. That's, uh, kind of weird. Sad to see Chaney go, biting and all.

As for Julian Lane - what is there to say? He freaked out, screaming, crying, going nuts over absolutely nothing. It was pathetic, embarrassing, and just sad to watch. Ricci nailed it - he's the kind of guy who makes it hard to say "Yes, I'm an MMA fan." And I'm totally with the idea that this was a ploy to get thrown out instead of choosing to go home, which didn't actually end up happening.

Other random bits:

  • Quote of the week goes to Michael Hill: "I was very disappointed in myself, so I decided to hit the bottle." Great plan! How can is possibly go wrong?
  • Fun editing as Chaney makes a joke about how mullets are terrible, then it cuts to the giant poster of a mulleted Roy Nelson.
  • Wow, Nelson is pretty bad at track and field events, as Shane Carwin just smoked him.
  • Next week the opening round wraps up with Mike Ricci vs. Dom Waters in what could be a pretty good fight.
  • Also next week, quarter-finals are announced, and Carwin is not pleased. Teammate vs. teammate perhaps? Join us next Friday to find out.