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UFC 154 pulls estimated 700,000 PPV buys for Georges St. Pierre's return

Early estimates for UFC 154 show the event doing 700,000 PPV buys as Georges St. Pierre returned to the Octagon.

UFC 154 featured the return to the UFC of Georges St. Pierre as he defended his welterweight title against interim champion Carlos Condit. Not only did the fight turn out to be exciting with a tremendous atmosphere, but the early estimates for PPV business are very solid.

Via the Wrestling Observer newsletter (subscription required):

Preliminary estimates for UFC 154 were 680,000 to 700,000 buys, with huge numbers in Canada, really strong in places like Saskatoon and Edmonton. It's in line or just below the Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans numbers from earlier this year, so probably third for the year overall. It's lower than what GSP has been doing the last few years, but overall business is down from 2010 and Carlos Condit isn't in the league with Dan Hardy and Josh Koscheck when it came to building a grudge and marketing a fight, not that he did badly. Plus, the pub wasn't there. With Hardy, his Countdown shows on Spike were a lot bigger deal. With Koscheck, you had the entire season of TUF building the fight.

That's not a huge decline from his previous fights which were pulling around 800k.

As noted, it didn't have the big "rivalry" factor and it featured GSP after he had been out of action for a considerable amount of time. The fact that he looked good in the bout will probably keep him as a viable big draw going forward.