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Rory MacDonald on a bout with Erick Silva: 'It's inevitable'

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Welterweight Rory MacDonald is preparing for a huge fight against B.J. Penn at UFC on Fox 5 on December 8th, but many have speculated where he'll go after that fight depending on the outcome. One interesting opponent is Brazilian prospect Erick Silva, who came up just short in his last bout against top contender Jon Fitch. MacDonald was asked by ESPN UK about a possible bout with Silva down the road, and Rory was all for it:

"I've watched some of his fights and he's a very good fighter," MacDonald told ESPN. "Me and him will be matched up down the road for sure.

"It's inevitable, he's one of the top guys, he's young… actually, is he young? I think he's like 30! He looks younger than me though!

"If he's around and I'm around, I'm sure that fight will happen. I'm here to fight the best."

For now though, MacDonald has to get through Penn and Silva will face off with Jay Hieron at UFC 156 in February. Rory's a little further up the ladder than Silva right now, and I hadn't really considered the bout until I saw this, but it sounds like it would be pretty amazing to me.