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GSP: I will fight Anderson Silva 'When I am ready and when I want the fight'

UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre addressed the possibility of an Anderson Silva superfight in a recent interview, and his comments don't point to the fight happening soon.

UFC 154 photos : Georges St-Pierre ices his injury at the post-fight press conference during UFC 154 at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Sat., Nov. 17, 2012.
UFC 154 photos : Georges St-Pierre ices his injury at the post-fight press conference during UFC 154 at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Sat., Nov. 17, 2012.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva. That's the fight of the moment, even though it's not yet signed. Ever since Silva's odd performances in 2009/2010, UFC fans have been clamoring for a GSP vs. Silva champion vs. champion superfight. Talk had died down in the past year, but quickly heated back up in the lead-up to UFC 154 and St. Pierre's big return against Carlos Condit. In the aftermath of the Condit fight, talk again heavily focused on Silva vs. GSP, with Dana White openly discussing his plans to make that fight happen.

Sadly fight fans, it's time for a bit of a reality check, courtesy of GSP himself. The UFC Welterweight champion was on Radio-Canada's "Tout Le Monde en Parle" ("Everyone is Talking") over the weekend, and addressed the possibility of fighting Silva. His comments don't bode well for the fight to happen anytime soon (translation via MMA Fighting):

This fight is the cherry on the sundae. He wants to fight me so he can then retire. I would like to fight him too, but after I fight him and win the fight, what happens next? These days, yeah, there's a lot of money to be made, but I don't fight for the money. My motivation is to be the best. Like we said, to be the Wayne Gretzky of my sport. So if I fight him, what happens next? It will be over. So yes, I want the fight, but I want to take it when I decide the time is right, not when he wants the fight to happen.

On top of that, he weighs 234 pounds; I weigh 188. So there's a big weight difference. I've fought guys who were bigger -- I'm not scared of him -- it's just that I will take this fight when it makes sense for me. I just came back from an injury, there's money to be made, there are fights in my weight class, other challenges out there, and if I fight him, I will have to gain weight, while he will have to lose weight, and then afterwards, I won't be able to come back to my weight class.

First and foremost, I have things to do at 170 pounds. When I am ready and when I want the fight, that's when it will happen.

These are not the words of a man on the verge of accepting the fight.

The tricky thing is, in some ways, GSP is right. He does have "things to do" at 170 - namely take out Johny Hendricks, and perhaps eventually Nick Diaz. Those are fights that make sense, and should happen.

And yet while those fights happen, Silva gets older, and the window on a Silva vs. GSP superfight being meaningful slides shut. Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva was fun, and a big fight, but it wasn't the same superfight it would have been a few years prior. Boxing is seeing the same thing in Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, as Pacquiao has looked to have lost a step in recent outings.

Would a GSP vs. Silva fight in 3 years still be huge? Probably. But at some point, something will happen that will make the fight either an impossibility, or significantly less appealing. The longer we wait, the greater the chances of it getting derailed. GSP is willing to wait it out in the name of his legacy - as a fan, I hope we doesn't wait too long.