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Sam Stout becomes Sam Pout, claims he came to fight while John Makdessi ran

Following getting outstruck by John Makdessi at UFC 154, Sam Stout is claiming that he came to fight while Makdessi didn't.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

At UFC 154, John Makdessi put on a nice performance, utilizing movement and a jab to pick apart Sam Stout. Makdessi was able to land over 50% of his punches while Stout was only able to connect with 17% of his 369 punches. Stout actually threw 212 more strikes while connecting on 21 less.

So how did Stout handle his loss? Not well, instead claiming that he came to fight and Makdessi ran.

Via MMA Mania:

"He wasn't fighting," Stout told moments after his defeat. "He was running the whole time. I wanted to fight, I came to fight and I didn't get the fight I wanted."


"I usually like to come out and put on an exciting fight and it takes two guys to do that, to do those kinds of fights," Stout explained. "And you know John, he ran, he kept on moving the whole time and I was expecting him to fight me a little more."


f"All the other fights of John's we watched, he pressed forward the whole time, so we were looking to get in his face and get in a fight," Stout said. "I'll give him credit, he kind of did that to me. He, you know, ran and ran and ran and then timed when he wanted to land a jab and wasn't -- he didn't really do anything that I thought was very, nothing devastating. A couple jabs in the face, nothing that really hurt me. You know, obviously I got a little lumped up, but yeah."

Yeah! Sam Stout comes to bang when he gets matched up with strikers! Nevermind that he fought Spencer Fisher in his last fight by going for takedowns every round. When he does that it's fine, but when he wants to stand up and the other guy doesn't stand still and slug they're no fighter.

It's disappointing that this keeps happening. If a guy wants to strike and he gets out-wrestled? The guy didn't come to fight. You wanted to bang and instead got submitted? I thought this was fighting, not grappling! Get outstruck by a guy who actually uses technique instead of the beloved "stand and bang?" That guy was running away!

Learn to lose with a little class, guys.