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UFC 154 results: What's next for the main card fighters

Now that all the hoopla from UFC 154 has died down a bit, where does the UFC go from here? They have some big questions to answer about the future of the welterweight division in the next few weeks, and most of those answers will be based on one man - UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Whether he chooses the big catchweight fight or not, his division will have to continue to move forward no matter what. So what should the UFC do? Here's a look at what might be next for some of the UFC 154 main card fighters.

Georges St. Pierre -Anderson Silva or Johny Hendricks. He doesn't seem too enthused about a fight with Silva, and I don't blame him. It's not something I was ever really interested in seeing because I've always thought Anderson would destroy him. I'd much rather see him face off with Hendricks, who offers GSP some unique challenges and it keeps his division moving. But money talks, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing GSP/Silva in May.

Carlos Condit -He put in an admirable effort against the best welterweight in the world and has nothing to be ashamed of. But what do you do with him now? A natural matchup would be to go with the rematch with Kampmann, but I think another rematch would be a better idea for the UFC right now - Condit vs. Jake Ellenberger. Yes, Kampmann beat Ellenberger, but I'll get to what I'd do with Kampmann in a bit. For now, Condit/Ellenberger makes a ton of sense in a crowded division.

Johny Hendricks - If he doesn't get to fight St. Pierre, it is believed that he would get Nick Diaz instead. I disagree with that line of thinking, since I believe that they want these men to be the next two title challengers. As long as GSP is champ, it still seems that Rory MacDonald isn't going to want to fight him. So give Hendricks the winner of the MacDonald/B.J. Penn fight instead.

Martin Kampmann - Nick Diaz. They're both coming off losses, and they're both very well-rounded. It also gives Diaz a good path to victory, which is something the UFC wants so they can re-insert him into a bout with St. Pierre ASAP. While it might not be fair to other fighters, it's still a big draw and something GSP desperately wants.

Francis Carmont - I don't care who he fights as long as it's on Facebook. Seriously though, he is 4-0 in the UFC now. I imagine the UFC will go back to Nick Ring vs. Constantinos Philippou soon, but if they choose not to for whatever reason, Carmont vs. Philippou works for me. If they do, how about Ed Herman?

Rafael dos Anjos -It's clearly time for a step up in competition. Muckie suggested that RDA should get the winner of the T.J. Grant vs. Matt Wiman bout at UFC on Fox 6, and that sounds pretty damn good to me.

Pablo Garza -A win over Hominick isn't exactly going to launch him into the top 10 or anything, but it will be helpful for getting a bigger fight next. Robert Peralta might be a bit too-much-too-soon, but I like the style matchup.

Mark Hominick - Retirement. There were rumblings that he was going to retire after his loss to Garza last night, but nothing has come out yet. It does seem like a good time for Hominick to go out though He can still make a good living coaching, and it would save him from taking more beatings. He was always a warrior that went out to go to war, and as a Canadian, I'll always be a fan of his for being a pioneer in the lighter weights of MMA. But it's probably time to call it a day.