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UFC 154 Results: Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit photo gallery

SBNation's Martin McNeil was at the Bell Centre in Montreal for UFC 154 and documented the Welterweight title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit in this photo gallery.

The UFC 154 Welterweight title unification bout between champ Georges St. Pierre, coming off an 18 month layoff for ACL surgery, and interim champ Carlos Condit certainly delivered all the action MMA fans crave. Although two of the judges had GSP winning every round and the third only gave Condit one round, the fight was a nail biter all the way through.

Condit hurt the champ early in the third round with a high kick to the head that put GSP on his ass. Condit followed up with some ground and pound on the stunned champion, but GSP was able to recover and got two take downs to steal the round on 2/3 of the judges cards.

Enjoy the photo gallery from Martin McNeil who was at the Bell Centre for SBNation.