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UFC 154: Nick Diaz 'not impressed' with Georges St. Pierre's performance

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It didn't take long for Nick Diaz to chime in about the UFC 154 main event. Diaz, who was scheduled to fight Georges St. Pierre once upon a time and lost a decision to Carlos Condit earlier this year, apparently tuned in for GSP's unanimous decision victory over Condit and took to twitter to share his opinion on the bout. And, as expected, he wasn't exactly offering congratulations:

Diaz is currently suspended and will be eligible to return in February. A bout with GSP is still a possibility, but he'd definitely need to pick up a win before that would happen. If St. Pierre does indeed fight Anderson Silva, a bout between Diaz and Johny Hendricks could be a possibility, but who knows at this point. It seems that Diaz was probably just getting his name out there with the tweet, simply to needle a guy that already doesn't like him.

The tweet was actually brought up to GSP at the press conference, who just laughed it off and said "I did better than Diaz did against Carlos". Which is probably the appropriate response.