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UFC 154: Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit full fight video highlights

Full fight video highlights of the UFC 154 bout that saw Georges St. Pierre defeat Carlos Condit.

Georges St. Pierre was able to defend his UFC welterweight championship at UFC 154 with a thrilling win over Carlos Condit. GSP had been out of action for over 18 months, in large part due to a knee injury suffered in training which required surgery.

While the majority of the fight with Condit had GSP looking as good as ever, the third round saw GSP in quite the bad position, as described in our live blog:

Round 3 - GSP coming forward right away. CONDIT WITH A HEAD KICK AND GSP IS HURT! Condit is on top on the ground, throwing big punches and elbows. GSP is swelling. Condit landing big elbows. GSP is cut! GSP gets to his feet but he's still hurt. GSP with two big punches and a BIG takedown! GSP on top now, landing a few punches while Condit is throwing off his back. Right hand by GSP. Condit has body triangle off his back, he gives up on it though. GSP pushing him into the cage.GSP with some right and a left elbow. Carlos stands up and GSP is looking for a big takedown, Condit tries for a kimura and it just results in him getting taken back down. GSP finishes the round on top.

In the end, St. Pierre won on scores of 49-46, 50-45, 50-45.