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Dana White: Georges St. Pierre will fight Anderson Silva 'probably in May' if he defeats Carlos Condit

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In an interview with Ariel Helwani, UFC President Dana White answered the leading question heading into tomorrow night's UFC 154 main event, and that's whether or not Georges St. Pierre will fight Anderson Silva if GSP defeats Carlos Condit tomorrow night.

Dana White has been angling to get a superfight involving Anderson Silva in some way, shape, or form. While a future Silva vs. Jon Jones fight is seemingly off the table for now, the attention has now refocused on Anderson vs. Georges St. Pierre. Ariel Helwani interviewed White at the weigh-ins for UFC 154 and immediately asked him about what will happen if GSP defeats Carlos Condit tomorrow night in Montreal. His response is as follows:

"If Georges St. Pierre beats Carlos Condit tomorrow, Anderson Silva will be there, sitting cageside, and those two will fight. Probably in May, at either [Cowboys Stadium], Toronto, or a soccer stadium down in Brazil."

Of course, that could just be Dana getting ahead of himself, as he proceeded to say there are no fight details and it's all just talk. But let's pretend it might actually happen (should GSP win), he's aiming for Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Rogers Centre in Toronto, or something else that holds a lot of people in one gathering.

The rest of the interview is not really too informative, but he does confirm Ronda Rousey is in the UFC and he went on his umptillionth rant about fighters turning down fights, and I guess he is sort of upset that Cheick Kongo turned down (apparently) his second fight in a row.