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UFC 154: Georges St. Pierre training Muay Thai to prepare for Carlos Condit

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To prepare for UFC 154, Georges St. Pierre is working with Muay Thai instructors to tighten up his stand-up game. Check out footage of GSP training for Carlos Condit to see the results.

GSP lands on Jake Shields at UFC 129
GSP lands on Jake Shields at UFC 129
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Perhaps you missed it, but there's kind of a big fight this weekend. At UFC 154, UFC mega-star Georges St. Pierre returns from his year plus layoff to unify his UFC Welterweight championship with the Interim UFC Welterweight championship held by Carlos Condit. Many fans are already looking ahead to what's next for GSP (Anderson Silva?), but the Condit fight is an intriguing one, thanks in large part to Condit's aggression and striking skills.

To prepare for the stand-up attack of Condit, GSP has been adding something new to his training. Tiger Muay Thai, an excellent traditional Muay Thai camp out of Phuket, Thailand, reports that two of their instructors have been in Montreal training with GSP at Tristar. Tiger trainers Kru Lamsongkram and Kru Yod have been brought in to help GSP with his Muay Thai. These are two excellent instructors (Lamsongkram is particularly decorated) who will add a new element to the striking game of the always evolving GSP.

Check out footage of GSP hitting the pads with the Tiger crew (and looking VERY sharp) below:

What does this mean for Saturday and UFC 154? Perhaps that St. Pierre will be engaging Condit on the feet in contrast to his typical strategy of out wrestling strikers. Or perhaps he's simply preparing for the attacks of Condit. Either way, for any fan of stand-up action, this adds a fascinating new element to St. Pierre vs. Condit and UFC 154.

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