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UFC On Fuel 6 main card results

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The UFC On Fuel 6: Franklin vs. Le main card kicked off nice and early Saturday morning. In the co-main event, Light Heavyweight Thiago Silva looked to get one back in the win column after being battered by Alexander Gustafsson back in April. The undefeated Stanislav Nedkov promised not to make it easy for him, even though he was coming off a 14 month layoff.

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Jeff Hougland - The Bantamweights started the show and Mizugaki established control early with a takedown. Hougland threatened with an armbar, but ate some heavy punches for his trouble. Jeff keeps trying for the armbar and keeps getting punished for it. Hougland tries to make the fight dirty up against the fence and Mizugaki took him down. Second round looked to be a replay of the first. Action stalled out when Hougland closed his guard and they're stood up. Mizugaki landed a heavy punch then sprawled Jeff's takedown. Round ends with Takeya on top. Outmatched on the feat, Hougland repeatedly pulls guard in the third. Things get bloody late when a Takeya elbow lands just above Hougland's eye. Takey Mizugaki picked up the unanimous decision over Jeff Hougland and one judge gave him two 10-8 rounds.

Tiequan Zhang vs. Jon Tuck - The two featherweights exchange strikes early before Zhang secure a clinch takedown early. He landed in side control, but it didn't take long for Tuck to turn it around with a close armbar attempt. Zhang defended and put Tuck into a reverse triangle before Tuck spun around and took Zhang's back. Tuck threatened with a rear naked choke. Some transitions back and forth from mount to back control for Tuck and he keeps fighting for that choke. Both fighters threw wild hooks to start the first round before Zhang grabbed the takedown. Tuck reversed and ended up in half guard top. Tuck got mount then once again transitions to the back. Zhang landed some big punches to start out the third round. Tuck disregarded anything resembling striking defense, but he's able to counter some of Zhang's power shots. John Tuck defeated Tiequan Zhang via unanimous decision.

Takanori Gomi vs. Mac Danzig - Gomi and Danzig exchanged blows from range for the first half of the first round with Gomi landing some solid combos and Danzig working his lead hook. Gomi got a takedown but couldn't control Mac for long. All striking for most of the second. Danzig frustrated Gomi from the outside, but the Fireball Kid landed some good shots too. Danzig hit a takedown with about 90 seconds left. He spent the last minute of the round trying to finish Gomi with a guillotine. Danzig tried the Muay Thai clinch to start the third round and got dropped by a Gomi hook. Gomi stood up in Danzig's guard and Mac grabbed the leg, but Gomi gets back on top. A lot of clinch work in the third. When they break Gomi started winging hooks. Takanori Gomi takes a very close split decision over Mac Danzig.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Paulo Thiago - Kim shot for the single almost as soon as the bell rang and finally got the takedown from the clinch. He quickly took Thiago's back and started threatening with the choke. No luck on the choke and Kim spends 4 minutes riding out the round on Paulo's back. Kim clinched up a minute into the second and Thiago jumps on a kimura. Kim got on top, but Paulo would not let go. Finally loose, Kim gets on top from sprawl position and tries to wear down Paulo. Thiago gets up only to be reversed in the clinch. Back on the ground and Kim threatened a D'arce to end the round. Kim puts everything into a spinning backfist that completely misses. He shot for a single got right back on Thiago's back. The rest of the round is all KIm. Dong Hyun Kim completely dominated Paulo Thiago to pick up the unanimous decision.

Thiago Silva vs. Stanislav Nedkov - Nedkov blitzed Silva early with a flurry of hooks clinched up against the cage. Silva got up after slip and both guys stood in the pocket missing on power shots. The action slowed and Stanislav tried to grind Silva down against the fence. Silva landed a couple good knees from the MT plum and Nedkov waded in behind wild hooks to get the clinch. Thiago hit Nedkov with a low blow early in the second. Nedkov keeping Thiago's back against the fence. Silva landed the better shots but spent most of the round against the fence. Nedkov landed a big right hand in the final seconds and the round ended with Silva covering up. Nedkov looking tired in the third and Silva landing hard. Silva got a takedown and got right into mount. Nedkov completely gassed and Thiago Silva submits him with an arm triangle in the third round.

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