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UFC On FUEL 6 Prelim Results

Photo via Anton Tabuena

Good morning, fight fans. The big story of the prelims yesterday was the last minute cancellation of the opening bout. Welterweight Hyun Gyu Lim was declared medically unfit to fight David Mitchell shortly before the weigh ins. The UFC did pay Mitchell his show money. The action kicked off with the Middleweights.

Riki Fukuda vs. Tom DeBlass - Fukuda secured an early takedown on Deblass and followed it up with some nice body shots on the ground. After Deblass returned to his feet, the action was stopped for a moment because of a Fukuda eye poke. The two spend most of the rest of the first trading punches on the feet, but Riki secured a last minute takedown. Deblass looked good early in the second, landing solid shots while avoiding Fukuda's takedowns and clinch. Riki turned it around toward the end. He found some success against the catch and landing his own shots on the feet. Deblass tried to give Fukuda a taste of his own medicine with some dirty boxing. Fukuda took the advantage with a takedown however. Despite some solid body shots by Fukuda from Deblass's guard, the ref stands them up late in the round. Riki Fukuda wins via unanimous decision.

Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. John Lineker - Lineker took the center of the Octagon early and tried to establish range with his kicks. Urushitani did his best to counter by circling and landing straight punches and knees, but Lineker landed the better shots. Late in the round, John dropped Yasuhiro with a big left hook. Lineker looked much more confident in the second, mixing up body shots and winging punches at Urushitani's head. Lineker dropped Yasuhiro early in the third, but couldn't finish him off. Lineker had him in trouble a couple more times, but Urushitani was able to make it to the bell. John Lineker defeated Yasurhiro Urushitani via unanimous decision.

Alex Caceres vs. Motonobu Tezuka - Tezuka took control early with a takedown and quickly passed Caceres' guard. Not a lot of action and Mark Goddard stood them up. Caceres threatened and did damage from back control after Tezuka failed a single leg. Tezuka hesitant on the feet in the second and Alex landed a few solid shots before getting taken down. Caceres was able to return to return to his feet and did well landing shots while defending takedowns through the rest of the round. Tezuka finally found some rhythm on his feet in the third while Cacares circled and countered. He shoots a single again and Alex defended. Tezuka missed a lot of punches while Bruce Leroy worked the jab. Alex Caceres defeated Motonobu Tezuka via split decision.

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