The Ultimate Fight Collection 2012 Contest: Tenure & Earning It

I have been a member of BloodyElbow since October 11, 2009 (Never Forget). Many folks have come and gone (some multiple times, I'm looking at you BVandDietPepsi) and yet I'm still here. I'm still standing and I'm still strong. I also want those DVD's and I deserve them.

Burke tried a fanpost like this earlier but that was the weakest attempt to win something since his dismal chase of the BECW3 crown. He was the worst captain associated with the Betting Game since some shithead named MostDiabolicalHater led a futile crusade against MMAMania for fight predicting supremacy. That shameful performance was ousted by Tim Burke's alleged captaining of "As Real As It Gets" last season. I should also mention Burke tried to pillage my thunder by suggesting Nick Diaz be FIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRED for his dirty pee test as well. He may have gotten death threats and 8 trillion comments, but I wrote the original SBNation hatchet job on Nick Diaz over at Head Kick Legend. The only downfall of that is that nobody read that blog after Matt Roth ran it into the ground with his poopy humor and Open Letters. Luke Thomas made the first comment and he told me he loved it. LOVED IT! Luke Thomas throws compliments around like manhole covers! Let's get back to the point, shall we?

I was bequeathed the BE Betting Game by Nick Thomas and I then passed it on to John Danaher's Hair. Together over time, effort and growing personal lives/laziness we created a monster that has earned it's own thread for live events. I have made so many comments and so little sense over the course of those comments that my even being here is thoroughly mind-blowing. Over 25,000 comments, 140 fanposts and not one goddamn salient point made. That should earn some DVDs right there just for longevity and dancing between the banhammers.


I have made my girlfriend and now wife so goddamn mad so many times over my time spent here. The arguments I have participated in on behalf of my fondness of BE teeters on insanity. I have slept on the couch because of Bloody Elbow. Multiple people have thought I was black (except Deo) and I even ate lunch once with Rutager.

If you need any more convincing as to why I need, no, EARNED these DVDs, I leave you with this little nugget:

I once made Richard Wade type out of the subject line.

Make it rain DVD's on me, Mr. Brookhouse. Make it rain.

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