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GIFathon: When Referees Fail to Protect the Fighters

Today we'll be looking at what happens when Referees don't do their jobs in Mixed Martial Arts with gifs from Bellator and tons of regional MMA promotions.

Today's GIFathon will be focused on what happens when a Referee fails to protect the fighters. Below you'll see some fighters on the brink of death, Refs missing tap outs and some taking way to many shots. While some might be comedic and other down right disgusting, it's a problem that has to be fixed. it's no longer a problem that's only seen in states where the Athletic Commissions are nonexistent but also in bigger fight states like Nevada and California. How does one fix this? Some say training, others say to have ex-fighters be Referees. I say both are a good start. Until then we get moments like the ones captured below......


Pat Curren vs Joe Warren - BFC 60 (Personal Favorite of Mine)


Kim Couture vs. Sheila Bird - AX Combat: Execution


Here You'll See the Ref Completely Missing the Longest Tapping Ever Seen


Here You Have a Fighter Tapping Out Twice to Strikes, Ref Never Stops It


Mike Tyson Refereeing a Terry Etim Fight...... Nuff Said


Broken Arm? Who Cares FIGHT!


Here the Referee is Using the 3 Knock Down Rule


Here the Referee Doesn't Even Stop the Fight


What is this a Standing 8 Count?


Here the Poor Guy Takes Like 5000 Unanswered Shots


And Lastly Im Sure this Guy Almost Dies


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