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Dana White says he hasn't discussed the fight with either Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre

Following two months of super fight promotion, UFC president Dana White reveals that he hasn't spoken to either Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre about a potential match.

Photo via Tracy Lee of Combat Lifestyle

Since Middleweight champion Anderson Silva's last title defense against Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 speculation has abound concerning who will be next to challenge the record setting champion. While British star Michael Bisping and new contender Chris Weidman have the most votes from the 185 lb. division. Regardless of the 185 lb. options the biggest fight being talked about is the super fight between Silva and Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Specifically, Silva has been extremely outspoken about challenging GSP following his scheduled defense against Carlos Condit at UFC 154. In fact, Silva went as far as to say that he wants St. Pierre regardless of the UFC 154 outcome. Silva isn't the only one talking about the match either. While Georges has been non-committal on the fight, UFC president Dana White indicated back in August that the fight was a real possibility.

Now, as Georges' return to the Octagon nears, White had a different story to tell (via MMA Weekly):

That GSP/Anderson Silva fight is just talk, it’s not reality. I know a lot of people are counting Stephan Bonnar out and think that this fight is a joke and everything else. Stephan Bonnar has never been finished in the UFC, he’s never been knocked out, he’s never been submitted by anybody and he’s been fighting all the best at 205 his entire career. From Jon Jones to you name it, he’s fought them all.

I haven’t even talked to Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva about those guys fighting each other. If things all work out that way we’ll see what happens, but there’s no guarantee that fight’s going to happen

White's last statement is distinctly different than what he said just over a month ago. In the story Bloody Elbow quoted in August, White clearly implied that he'd discussed the fight with St. Pierre in August. White said specifically, "Georges St-Pierre says he does (want the fight). He wants to do it, yeah." That's in stark contrast to his statement that he's not contacted either fighter about the match.

This news from Dana White should be severely disappointing to anyone who'd gotten their hopes up about the over-promised super fight. For many years now MMA fans have heard stories about a potential match between the two champions, this quote from Dana just reaffirms that all the recent talk is just another failed promise.