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Dave Batista wins MMA debut by TKO in sloppy fight at CES MMA

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Former WWE champion Dave Batista won his MMA debut by TKO in the first round over Vince Lucero at CES MMA.

DoD photo by Helene C. Stikkel

Former WWE champion Dave Batista made his MMA debut tonight at CES MMA, facing veteran mixed martial artist (and 300 pounder) Vince Lucero in the night's main event.

It was a risky first fight for Batista, given the 40+ pro fights of Lucero. But Batista was able to score a first round TKO after a rocky start.

Lucero caught him and hurt him very early and then pushed him back with a flurry of punches. Batista hung on while Lucero held him on the cage, landing some punches. He clipped him again seconds later and then caught him some more, but his punches had no real snap on them and Lucero did look to tire early on.


Gif by Zombie Prophet

Batista was able to take the punches well enough to survive and push Lucero into the cage, but Lucero ended up landing another flurry before waving to the crowd and dancing a little in the clinch.

Batista was able to get a takedown and take side control, and then move to the back. Once it turned back to mount, Batista was able to land some solid punches, forcing Lucero to give up his back again. At that point, Batista opened up with a flurry of punches forcing the ref stoppage despite Lucero saying he was hit repeatedly in the back of the head.

Following the stoppage the two men jawed at each other.


Gif by Zombie Prophet