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Bellator news: Rogers breaks arm, Santos stretchered, semi-final fights announced

Updates from Bellator 75 include news on an injury to Brett Rogers, more on Thiago Santos, and the Heavyweight tournament semi-final match-ups.

Last night's Bellator 75 was definitely an odd show. After a pair of quick, exciting finishes in the Heavyweight tournament to open the main card, the next two fights left many fans frustrated. First, Brett Rogers showed very little en route to a lopsided decision loss at the hands of Alexander Volkov. Then, the Eric Prindle vs. Thiago Santos rematch ended uncannily like their last bout, only this time it was Santos on the receiving end of a groin shot, and the end result was a disqualification instead of a No Contest.

Bloody Elbow was at the event live, and I'll have more coverage of the show later this weekend, but first, a few quick important notes that help explain some of those last two fights:

  • At the post-fight press conference, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney revealed that Rogers broke his arm in two places in the opening minutes of the fight. The break came as a result of a blocked Volkov kick. Still a disappointing showing from Rogers, but this helps explain why he threw so little as the fight progressed.
  • Some fans are accusing Santos of over-exaggerating the injury, but I don't see it. I'm not sure exactly when the MTV2 broadcast ended, but in the arena Santos was down for a long time and was ultimately stretchered out of the cage, having never regained his feet. Rebney didn't have any information on his injury, though rumors were swirling that he suffered a broken pelvis from that Prindle axe kick.

Finally, the semi-final fights for the Heavyweight tournament were announced:

Thiago Santos vs. Richard Hale

Vinicius Queiroz vs. Alexander Volkov

One important note on these fights: obviously if Santos is seriously injured, he won't be able to continue in the tournament. If that's the case, his spot will be taken by Ryan Martinez, who won an alternate fight on the prelims via unanimous decision. If Martinez steps in, the semi-final fights may be reshuffled.

More on Bellator 75 later this weekend.