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UFC on FX 5: Greg Jackson confirms Travis Browne blew out knee on first high kick

UFC heavyweight Travis Browne suffered not only the first loss of his MMA career, but beforehand he blew out his knee on the first high kick he threw.

Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In the main event of UFC on FX 5, Travis Browne came out aggressive early, throwing flashy kicks and knees to no avail against Antonio Silva. Browne was noticeably limping later in the 1st round to the point of switching stances, and seconds later Bigfoot knocked him out with a vicious right hand and follow-up hammer strikes. Browne was still on wobbly legs afterwards as he was being helped up, and Greg Jackson just confirmed that Travis did blow out his knee just seconds into the fight.

Obviously a very unfortunate moment for Browne in the biggest fight of his career. The technical details on his knee injury are not known at this point but there will be updates when they become available.

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