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Bellator 75 Video Hightlights: Brett Rogers Disappoints, Thiago Santos Wins by DQ

Bellator kicked off their Heavyweight tournament tonight. It was a night with a little bit of everything with a TKO win, a Submission, a one sided beating and a DQ for a nut shot.

Photo via Bellator

We will start with the main event, where Thiago Santos was on the receiving end of a hug axe kick to the groin from Eric Prindle. There is some history between these two fighters, as Santos threw a groin strike in their first match when standing over Prindle. Tonight it was Prindle who found himself standing over Santos after spending much of the first round on his back and what followed is below:


Santos was in sever pain after that axe kick to the groin. He was barely able to roll over in the 5 minutes allowed in the Unified Rules for fighters on the receiving end of groin strikes. Prindle was disqualified for this flagrant groin strike and Santos continued to lay on the mat in sever pain even as the broadcast ended. Hopefully he has not suffered a serious injury.

The fight right before this epic groin shot, Russian Kyokushin Karate fighter Alexander Volkov put a one sided beating on Brett Rogers. Most known for his fight against Fedor Emelianenko, Rogers was released from Strikeforce following serious domestic battery charges. Coming into this fight Rogers predicted an easy victory, and he was half right, as this was a very easy win, for Volkov. Many in the media, including myself, gave Volkov all three rounds, the last two 10-8, as Rogers did next to nothing outside a few uppercuts in the first round.


Rogers did not implement the game plan as his corner begged him to go for takedowns, and looked as if he had mentally given up after part way through the first round. Rogers looked awful in this fight and any chance of him being a Top 20 Heavyweight was well and truly dispelled tonight.

In a far more watchable and shorter fighter Richard Hale only needed one minute and 19 seconds to dispatch former football player Mike Wessel. This was a classic case of a fighter not reacting well to being hit as Wessel was trying to jab his way to the inside against Hale, got hit hard and stood straight up with his hands down. Hale followed up with a flurry of punches that clearly wobbled Wessel, who shot for a desperate takedown attempt. Hale stops the shot, takes the back and pounds out to the win.


The first fight of the night featured an awesome comeback submission as Vinicius Querioz got absolutly rocked by a sassy left hook from Mark Holata. The fight then went to the ground where Querioz had a clear advantage, being a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was able to regather his sense, get to guard and start attacking. Querioz first attempted a triangle and then finished the fight with a belly down armbar that appeared to damage Holata's arm.


Thanks to Zombie Prophet for the gifs

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